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Contractors Keep Us Sheltered

Does Your Water Well Pump Need Repair? 3 Signs You Should Not Ignore

by Glenda Perkins

Few things are more convenient than having a functional water well pump at home. With proper maintenance, you are assured that the pump will offer many years of service. Even so, there comes a time when the pump needs repair. After all, it does suffer wear and tear due to all the hard work it does. Read on to learn the signs you need to hire a water well pump repair company.

1. No Water 

Something is certainly wrong if your faucets don't produce any water after turning them on. In this case, you should check whether there's something wrong with the circuit breaker. Remember that circuit breakers do trip, cutting off the power supply required to make the pump operate.

If there's nothing wrong with the circuit breaker, it can only mean that the problem is elsewhere. Under such circumstances, you need to contact competent water well pump repair service immediately. There might be a serious underlying issue, such as a broken pipe. The longer the pipe leaks, the higher the chances of your property getting flooded. In the end, your household might suffer mold infestation due to the high moisture content. 

2. Low Water Pressure 

Have you noticed a drop in water pressure lately? This is usually a sign that the pump is failing, reducing its performance. It is also likely that the pump cannot meet your water needs after installing a washing machine or adding an extra bathroom. Other causes include a hole in the water storage tank and blockage in the pipes. 

Whatever the cause, a seasoned well pump repair technician will always have a solution. For example, they can help you upgrade your water pump so that it's able to satisfy all your needs. They also have the skills to fix issues such as blockages known to reduce water pressure. 

3. Dirty Water

Dirty water is a problem you should never overlook since it can adversely affect your family's health. If your water is laced with contaminants such as sand and dirt, the water well pump is most likely to blame. Perhaps the pump is installed way much deeper into the well than required. A well pump repair professional can make the necessary adjustments, and it won't be long before clean water starts flowing from your faucets.

If you experience any of the above problems, you need to contact competent water well pump repair professionals as soon as possible for diagnosis and repairs.