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Contractors Keep Us Sheltered

Septic System Problems That Need Repairs When Drain Fields Fail

by Glenda Perkins

There are a lot of issues that can cause problems with your septic system. Some of the problems can cause damage to the septic drainage field. Issues that you may need to have repaired include collapsed lines, solids blocking the system, and problems with distribution boxes. The following issues might need to be repaired if you have a problem with your system:

Blocked Drain Field Lines

The drain field lines can be blocked by various types of solids and objects that get inside your septic system. There are several solutions that can deal with the blocked lines. A pump truck may be able to help remove solids that block the lines. There are also options like aeration and sewer line jetting services that can help deal with these issues to clear the drain field.

Collapsed Drain Fields

Another problem with drain fields that you may have to deal with is collapsed pipes. These specially designed pipes are called drain tiles. The collapsed drain lines can sometimes be repaired by clearing them and treatments like aerations. Sometimes, the issues with the collapsed lines need to be solved by replacing the collapsed sections. When you are doing maintenance and repairs, you may also want to inspect the lines for issues that cause the drain tiles to collapse, such as old, worn materials.

Over-Saturated Drain Fields

The drain field lines can also be oversaturated, which can lead to various problems with your septic system. The entire drain line often needs to be replaced to repair the damage. When the old lines are replaced, you may want to leave the existing drain field intact. This will allow the old drain field to recover. The old drain fields can be reused if the new drain field becomes over-saturated, too.

Poor Effluent Distribution

Septic systems can also suffer from issues with poor effluent distribution to the drain field. This often happens due to problems with the lack of a distribution box or undersized systems. To solve these issues, you might need to have a distribution box installed. You can also have secondary treatment tanks installed to help with these problems. The secondary tanks can also be pumped system to help improve the flow of effluent to the drain field. 

The problems with your septic system are often due to drain field problems requiring specific repairs. For more information about septic tank drain field repair, contact a local septic company.