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Contractors Keep Us Sheltered

Constructing A Timber Bridge

by Glenda Perkins

If your property has a creek or other body of water, the installation of a bridge can help improve the accessibility of the property by providing a path over these obstructions. When adding a bridge to your property, it is necessary to be particularly diligent when designing and building this addition due to the potential risks of vehicles or people falling into the water if the bridge were to fail.

Have The Bridge Professionally Designed

Designing a bridge is deceptively complicated. This is particularly true for bridges that will have to support the weight of vehicles as they drive over them. Without training and modern design tools, it can be easy for the weight capacity of the bridge to be drastically underestimated. As a result, it may be at a much greater risk of suffering a failure as a result of its load limit being exceeded. A professional designer will be able to estimate the weight capacity that your bridge will need to support so that a proper design can be created that will be more than strong enough for your routine needs.

Evaluate The Benefits Of Using Timber For The Bridge

A person may be worried about the aesthetics that a bridge will have. If you are wanting a bridge that will balance the needs of both being extremely durable while also being aesthetically appealing, timber is an option that should be considered. When choosing timber for your bridges, you can provide a more rustic and natural appearance than bridges made of steel or concrete. Additionally, the timber used in these bridges will be pressure treated so it can better withstand exposure to the elements.

Test The Soil Stability Where The Bridge Will Be Installed

Prior to having the bridge professionally designed, the soil where it is going to be installed should have its stability tested. Poor soil stability can pose significant problems for the construction of a bridge. While it is not impossible to overcome many of these issues, it can require additional planning and design considerations. An example of this could be the use of lime stabilization techniques to reduce the instability of the soil. Also, the design of the bridge can be adjusted to distribute its weight over a larger area. This is especially important when building the bridge over creeks or other running sources of water as the soil in these areas may be particularly prone to erosion and other stability issues.

For more information, reach out to a timber bridges service near you.