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Contractors Keep Us Sheltered

Wood Floor Complaints Are Easily Solved And Avoided

by Glenda Perkins

Wood floors are beautiful, adding a warm and natural look to your home. Unfortunately, some homeowners are turned off by the idea of wood floors because they've heard some complaints about them or have been made aware of some challenges they present. The thing is, these wood floor challenges are easily avoided, solved, and addressed. Read about the solutions below.

Complaint: Wood floors bend and develop gaps as the weather changes.

Solution: Wood does swell and contract in response to changes in humidity and temperature. However, this is not an issue with most modern wooden floors. Modern wooden floors are almost always made from engineered wood, which consists of a thin veneer of hardwood over top of a sheet of softer wood. The way the wood pieces are secured together prevents the expansion and contraction you sometimes get with traditional hardwood floors.

Complaint: Wood floors cause slivers and splinters.

Solution: Wood floors can cause slivers and splinters after years of use, but only if they are not maintained as recommended. Ideally, you would have the floor sanded down and refinished long before it reached the point of splintering. In fact, the ability to have the floor sanded down and refinished is one reason many people love hardwood floors. If you decide you no longer like your floor's current color, you can sand it down, apply a new finish, and enjoy a whole new look.

Complaint: The finishes used on wood floors are hazardous and bad for the planet.

Solution: It is true that some of the finishes used on hardwood years ago were not all that earth-friendly. Thankfully, product manufacturers have recognized this and have since made an effort to create more eco-friendly finishes. You can find wax finishes that don't release any VOCs and are even safe to use around children. Even if you opt for a more traditional stain and sealer, there are now relatively sustainable options that cost about the same as traditional finishes.

Also, remember that wood itself is an eco-friendly choice. Buy from a manufacturer who replants trees for those they knock down. When your floor is no longer of service to you, it can break down naturally, like any other wood, in a landfill.

Hopefully this article has addressed some of your key concerns about wood flooring. A wood floor could be a good choice for your home, and any deficiencies are easily managed. 

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