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Contractors Keep Us Sheltered

Docks, Ramps, And Dock Accessories For Your Lakeside Needs

by Glenda Perkins

Lakehouses, lake cabins, cottages, waterfront property, and boat docks all have one thing in common — docks. They are timeless and classic icons of waterfront living. 

What if your docks don't fit your unique needs? What if you need to replace part of a dock that was damaged by years of neglect? Do you just want to upgrade your current dock to something more functional? Then you need a new market for dock fittings and accessories. The following dock accessories guide will help you find the right features to add to your dock. 

Floating Docks and Wheel Kits

Floating docks are a popular type of dock installed in lakes. A floating dock is made from a series of pontoons that are connected together, which then float on top of the water. The pontoons are usually made from durable materials, such as wood or plastic. These docks come with various accessories, including anchors and sandbags, to keep them in place.

Wheel kits allow you to easily move your floating dock around the lake. These kits consist of wheels that mount directly onto pontoons, allowing you to quickly navigate your floating dock wherever you need it to go. Wheel kits also feature brakes that lock into place once you get where you want to be, preventing your dock from moving while you swim or fish on it!

Anchor and Boat Lift Systems

Anchor systems are used to keep your boat in place. They can be used for mooring (anchoring) or for docking. The different types of anchor systems are based on the type of boat lift and accessories used with them. You can also get anchor systems for floating docks. 

Boat lifts can be installed in fresh and saltwater, and they come in a variety of styles and sizes. Boat lifts have been around a long time, but they did not become popular until recreational boating became more popular. Today, they are used as a convenient means of storing your boat so you don't have to worry about parking your vessel at the dock or marina.

Ramps and Ramp Accessories

Ramps are a great way to get your boat into the water and out of the water. Ramps come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. There are wooden ramps, aluminum ramps, steel ramps, and more. Some ramps are even designed to be portable, so you can take them with you wherever you go.

Ramps come with many accessories that make using them much easier. You can find wheel kits for your ramp to make it easier to move around. You also have options like anchors that keep your ramp from floating away when not in use.

Slides and Dock Recreation 

Docks are the perfect place for swimming and sunbathing. They also offer a great place for fishing and relaxing in the water. You can even create your own paradise with a slide, diving board, or swing. If you have kids, this will be their favorite spot on the lake.

A great dock is more than just wood. You need accessories to make it right for your waterfront needs. Contact a dock accessory supplier for more information about dock products.