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Contractors Keep Us Sheltered

3 Reasons To Get Replacement Windows

by Glenda Perkins

The windows in your home can last for many years, but if yours are old, they may be drafty and outdated. There are several reasons to get replacement windows, and you have a variety of choices when it comes to frames and glass. Here are three reasons to consider replacement windows and some choices you might like.

1. When You Want More Attractive Windows

Old windows were often made of thin aluminum frames that you may not find too attractive when compared to modern options. You might even have old wood windows that are decayed and unsightly. New window frames could change the appearance of your home from the street. If you'll also be painting or getting new siding, consider a choice such as vinyl or some other type of new window frames that have a modern look.

2. When Your Windows Are Drafty

If your old windows are drafty, you may need to put plastic sheets over them during the winter to keep cold air out. Even if you just leave your curtains closed all the time, your rooms could be dark and unsightly.

When you get replacement windows, you can choose frames with insulation and glass that has two or three panes so you no longer have to worry about drafts or losing heat through the glass. The new windows could keep you comfortable during the summer and winter while keeping your power bills lower.

You can even enjoy leaving your curtains open in the winter so you can enjoy the view and not worry about cold air getting inside. Another thing to consider is if you want tinted glass. Replacement windows come with a tint that provides privacy so you can leave your curtains open during the day. The tint can also reflect the sun so you can prevent solar warming during the summer.

3. When You Want More Secure Windows

If your goal is to improve home security against intruders or strong winds, then look for impact windows. These windows are made so the glass won't come out of the frame even if the glass is struck by flying debris. This is accomplished by putting strong film between two panes of glass. If the glass is struck, the glass may crack, but it won't fall out of the frame.

The film keeps the window secure so a storm won't blow in and ruin your belongings and so intruders can't bash their way inside your home.

When you talk to the replacement window company, let them know your goals so they can help you select the right windows. Windows come with ratings to let you know how much light they let in and how well they block heat transfer so you can choose windows that are a perfect match for your climate.

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