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Contractors Keep Us Sheltered

Concrete Countertops Are Beautiful, Durable, And Easy To Maintain

by Glenda Perkins

If you're trying to choose new countertops for your home, you may want to look at concrete. You might think concrete countertops would have a boring or industrial look, but concrete can actually be quite beautiful when it's finished the way you want. Here's a look at why concrete is a good material for countertops, ways to make the concrete attractive, and how a concrete contractor goes about installing your new countertops.

Why Concrete Is A Good Countertop Material

Concrete is one of the most durable building materials available. It's used as foundations for buildings and for driveways. Concrete countertops will probably last for many decades. You may only want to remove them to change your kitchen decor at some point in the future, and not due to deterioration.

Concrete needs to be sealed so the pores won't soak up liquids. Once that's done, your countertops will be simple to keep clean and sanitary. Besides being resistant to heat, tough, and easy to clean, concrete countertops are beautiful.

How Concrete Can Be Finished

The options for styling concrete are nearly endless. The concrete can be colored any color you like. The designs and colors can even resemble marble or granite. Besides adding color, the concrete can be stamped before it's dry so the countertops have designs or look like they were made from tiles.

There are several options for decorative concrete, so ask your concrete contractor to explain them all so you can have unique and artsy countertops or countertops that resemble real stone.

How Concrete Countertops Are Made

Concrete is a heavy material, so rather than precast the concrete at their facility, the concrete contractor will probably pour the countertops at your home. This eliminates the need to transport heavy concrete slabs and maneuver them into your home.

The first step in making the countertops is to create a form. The concrete contractor has to take precise measurements, especially for the sink cutout or the sink and countertops may not fit exactly as they should. A form is then built in the exact shape of your countertops and the concrete is poured in and allowed to harden.

Before the concrete gets too hard, it can be decorated. Color pigments can be added and designs can be stamped into the concrete. After the concrete has cured, it is sealed so it will tolerate daily use without worry over stains and spills.

A concrete contractor may get your countertops installed in a single day, but you may need to allow a few days for the concrete to cure before putting the countertops to use. Your contractor will answer any questions you have about the installation process before they start so you know what to expect.

Reach out to a concrete contractor near you for more information.