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Contractors Keep Us Sheltered

3 Things You Should Know About Siding

by Glenda Perkins

Siding is an integral part of your home, but you may not give it much thought until it's time to replace it. There's a lot to consider when selecting siding for your home. First, any siding you install needs to be durable and offer protection from the elements. Second, siding should complement your home. Not all siding products are going to look good on your home. Finally, siding also needs to fit your budget. Here's what you should know about siding. 

What Works For Your Home

Before scheduling a siding installation, the first thing to consider is what type of siding best suits your home's needs. Siding protects your home, so think about what conditions it will need to hold up to. When selecting siding, you also want to consider factors like energy efficiency and its appearance. There are many types of siding, including wood, vinyl, fiber cement, stone veneer, stucco, engineered wood, and more. If you aren't sure what kind of siding will work best for your home, your contractor can be a valuable source of advice. 

Durability Matters

Another thing you should know about siding is that lifespan can vary. How long your siding lasts will depend on how well you care for it and what material it's composed of. When choosing siding for your home, consider the average lifespan of the materials you are interested in. Some siding products will last for decades but tend to come with higher price tags. When choosing siding, you will want to consider the cost versus the product's lifespan. Often, going with more durable siding pays off in the long run.

How Much It Costs

What you pay for siding installation depends on your home's size and the siding you choose. Some siding installations will be pricier than others. Before you select a siding, set a budget, and remember to factor labor costs into your bottom line. The average price of siding installation is $12 per square foot. On the low end, you can find siding that costs as little as $2 per square foot to install. High-end siding can cost upwards of $50 per square foot. 

If you are planning to install siding, here's what to know. First, you'll need to figure out what type of siding will work for your home. Second, durability does matter, so look for siding products that will stand the test of time. Finally, siding installation costs will vary, so have a budget in mind. Reach out to a local service, such as Wayne Siding & Home Improvements, to learn more.