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Contractors Keep Us Sheltered

Causes And Signs Of Foundation Problems

by Glenda Perkins

There are many things that can cause foundation issues that you'll want to have repaired. You should learn all you can about common causes of foundation problems and some signs that your foundation is likely in need of repairs. This way, you will be in the best position possible when it comes to protecting the integrity of your home. Here is more information for you about foundation concerns: 

Some common causes of foundation damage

Excessive moisture - Excessive moisture is one of the most common causes of foundation issues. When too much moisture gets to the soil under your foundation, it causes the soil to swell, and this forces movement in the foundation. This movement is what can cause problems like cracking and sinking in the foundation. Also, flooding can cause other water-related damage in the form of soil erosion. These are some examples of why it's so important to have good drainage in your yard. 

Excessive heat - Just how too much moisture causes the soil to expand, so can excessive heat cause a great deal of shrinkage. When the soil shrinks under the foundation, it can cause those same kinds of damage due to this movement as well. Shade trees and misters along the home's exterior can be helpful when it comes to decreasing the likeliness of such shrinkage. 

Earthquakes - If you live in an area where earthquakes are common threats, then know that they can be another cause of foundation damage. You should check to see if your home is secured to the foundation. If not, then you may want to have this done. Also, one of the best things you can do to help protect your foundation from future damage caused by earthquakes is to have any current damage repaired right away. 

Some signs that your foundation should be repaired

Uneven flooring - If you can feel that the flooring in your home is uneven, then this can indicate that there may be some big foundation issues going on, since you can actually feel the problem. If you aren't sure, you can try rolling something across the floor to see if it is still level. 

Cracks in the walls - If you have foundation damage that need to be fixed, then these problems can often show themselves by way of cracks in the walls. Some of the areas where you may notice the cracks are around the doorways and windows. 

Pest infestations - Something else that can indicate problems in the foundation that need to be repaired is finding that your house is starting to suffer from pest infestations. The damage in the foundation will make it so pests can easily enter the home, which is why you'll start seeing those pest issues.

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