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Contractors Keep Us Sheltered

Small Kitchen Remodeling Upgrades That Can Make A Big Impact

by Glenda Perkins

Upgrading your kitchen can get expensive, but that does not mean you should put off the makeover your kitchen desperately needs. Try these affordable kitchen upgrades to enhance your kitchen's look and functionality. 

Paint the Walls

Over time, the paint on your kitchen walls can lose its original color and vibrancy, leaving you feeling daunted rather than inspired during meal prep. A fresh coat of paint can completely refresh the look of your kitchen space, helping you get your cooking mojo back. 

When choosing your paint, consider a color that blends nicely with the rest of your kitchen decor. Also, ensure proper surface preparation before applying fresh paint to your kitchen walls.

Install Open Shelving

Doing away with upper cabinets and replacing them with open shelving is a clever way to make the kitchen feel more open and airy while still having storage. Open shelves display items better and are easier to access. Plus, they can make your kitchen feel less cramped and chaotic. 

Consider converting your old cabinets into open shelving to minimize trash and save money on your kitchen renovation.

Replace Old Faucets

The faucets in your kitchen are one of those plumbing fixtures that you rarely pay attention to unless they're faulty. However, they tend to deteriorate quickly due to regular use, affecting the functionality and appearance of your kitchen space.

Removing an old or leaky faucet with a new one is a quick upgrade that can impact your kitchen renovation in a big way.

Swap Out Old Hardware

Your faucets are not the only components that bear the brunt of your daily kitchen activities. Drawer pulls, cabinet knobs, and other hardware items can also look old and worn down as they age.

Removing and replacing old hardware and replacing them with new ones can drastically improve the look of your kitchen space.

Buy New Appliances

Aside from sucking up energy and increasing your domestic energy bills, older appliances can also make your kitchen look outdated. Installing newer, more efficient appliances can help you save energy and money while giving the room a modern, updated look.

You can save lots of money on the previous year's models when new models roll out.

Before starting your kitchen remodeling, identify your priorities and goals to avoid getting overwhelmed by your options. If you need professional assistance with the project, you can contact a kitchen remodeling contractor for a free cost estimate.