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Contractors Keep Us Sheltered

4 Major Applications Of Ready Mix Concrete

by Glenda Perkins

Ready mix concrete is highly efficient because of its speed in making concrete. Ready mix concrete is now standard for very large construction projects like sidewalks and high-rise commercial buildings. It is preferred for its advantages in making uniform quality concrete. Mixing concrete in the factory also reduces the need for space to mix concrete and storage for materials. Today, even residential construction purposes use ready mix concrete. Where can you use ready mix concrete?

1. Building Foundations and Slabs 

A building's foundation takes up huge amounts of concrete, which is formulated in a specific ratio to ensure the foundation can bear the weight of the building. Huge story buildings can take hundreds of tons of concrete. 

Ready mix concrete has an advantage in reducing the need for space to store the building materials. Mixing foundation concrete in the factory ensures uniformity in quality because the concrete is mixed in very large batches. 

A lot of concrete also goes into floor slabs. Ready mix concrete offers an advantage in speed, which ensures the concrete dries uniformly. Ready mix delivery enables pouring concrete for very large slab works in the fraction of time that hand mixing would take.

Ready mix concrete is energy efficient, which makes it ideal for both residential and commercial construction. It is also affordable, the reason it remains the most popular building material. 

2. Paving 

You can use ready mix concrete in paving residential and commercial grounds. It offers a smooth surface with a concrete texture. Ready mix concrete goes into the premixture that goes into the substructure. Pouring ready mix concrete enables quicker and smoother priming for pouring the asphalt. The result is a smooth, beautifully paved surface.

Ready mix concrete makes building large parking lots easy and fast. It can be formulated for pouring under asphalt or as the top surface. 

3. Constructing Roads and Freeways 

Road and highway construction uses concrete for the foundation. Road contractors almost exclusively use ready mix concrete in road building. It allows for mixing especially hard concrete, which can withstand extreme weather differences, including strong sunshine and icy conditions. 

You can use ready mix concrete to build other public facilities such as sidewalks and curbs. Concrete for pedestrian facilities is less hard than that on vehicle-bearing roads, but it is also formulated to withstand harsh weather. 

4. Driveways 

You can pour ready mix concrete for driveway construction. The concrete is mixed depending on the expected load of the vehicles using the driveway. 

Are you looking for durable and affordable building material for your projects? Talk to a construction contractor about ready mix concrete.