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Contractors Keep Us Sheltered

Toilet Plunger Not Working? It Is Time For Sewer Jetting

by Glenda Perkins

Do you have to work your toilets with a plunger every other day? You should consider a long-term solution. A likely suspect is a blockage further down the pipes in the sewer line. Hardened clog and sediments build up in the sewer line until there is very little space for the effective passage of wastewater. At that point, working with a toilet plunger or a snake is of little help. Sewer jetting is effective in cleaning sewer lines. It works by shooting a high-powered water jet at the blockage. It has several advantages over digging up the piping.

Better Accuracy 

When doing the sewer line jetting, the contractor first inserts a camera into the piping. The camera enables the assessment of the location and the nature of the blockage. It is better at locating the blocked section rather than digging up the sewer line.  

Better Flexibility 

Conventional sewer line repair demands you dig up the piping. It is destructive to the landscaping. It is also expensive if the piping has passed under buildings because you have to dig up the floor and restore it, which may be impossible with tiled or marbled flooring. There could be permanent damage if you had to dig up the floor every time there is a blockage. 

Sewer jetting is flexible and convenient. The water hose can go around corners in underground piping. There is no need to dig up the sewer line. The water jet is powerful enough to clear any organic blockage but not to cause damage to the piping. It offers a big advantage in preserving the beauty of the landscaping and the flooring of your structures. 

Fast and Economical 

The work is faster if you don't have to dig up the piping. Assessing the blockage with a camera takes a few minutes. The crew is experienced in working the hose into place and blasting the blockage. The whole task is usually complete in an hour or two. 

It becomes cheaper when you don't have to replace the piping or repair flooring. The contractor will also charge less because fewer work hours are spent on the task. 

Environmentally Friendly 

Sewer jetting avoids trenching, which is disruptive to the landscaping. It also avoids the use of harsh chemicals that seep into underground water. It is environmentally friendly and sustainable. You can clear sewer line blockages every year without a negative impact on your property or the environment. 

Are you looking for a fast and affordable way of clearing a blocked sewer line? Talk to a contractor about sewer line jetting.