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Contractors Keep Us Sheltered

4 Reasons For New Construction Remodels For Commercial Buildings

by Glenda Perkins

Do you think you could put your commercial space to better use? New construction remodeling involves making structural changes to redesign the space. Remodeling can increase the appeal of a commercial building since different clients have different needs. Sometimes you must remodel to adhere to regulations that you had overlooked. What can force you to remodel?

Better Space Utilization 

The whole point of commercial premises is to offer space for the money. Sometimes you realize that the current design is wasteful on space. You can increase leasing space and recoup your investment faster.

You can also do construction remodels for lucrative customers who need space that fits their business needs. You could consider such a  scenario if the customer is willing to sign a long-term lease with terms and conditions that safeguard your investment in the remodeling. 

Compliance Issues

Sometimes you are forced to remodel to adhere to building codes and regulations that you overlooked in the design phase. Such oversight will not be serious enough to warrant condemning the building but makes it non-compliant. 

Property owners often consider new construction remodels to make their premises compliant with evolving building codes and regulations. It is easier and cheaper to remodel when the building is new because there are no tenant issues.

Improved Energy Efficiency 

Energy efficiency is a big consideration for the property market these days. Different states have different codes for energy efficiency in new buildings. Energy efficiency is advantageous anyway for reduced energy bills and promotion of environmental sustainability.

New construction remodels integrate greener designs that use energy, light, and air more efficiently. For example, you can make more open spaces for more light and better airflow and redesign the energy system for using renewable energy. 

New Business Needs 

You could construct a  building with one purpose in mind, but circumstances and business opportunities change later. For example, the ground floor could have been meant for office spaces, but you later need warehousing space. You can demolish the partitioning walls to make the space bigger for warehousing. 

New construction remodels allow for changes to adapt to new business opportunities. The remodeling redesigns the spaces to suit the new business operations. It makes your building more valuable and attractive to other businesses with the same model.  

Would you like to see better space utilization in your new building? Talk to a building company, such as Fahey Built Construction, today about new construction remodels to accommodate your ideas.