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Contractors Keep Us Sheltered

5 Reasons Custom Kitchen Cabinets Should Be On Your Renovation List

by Glenda Perkins

If you're thinking of renovating your kitchen, be sure to consider custom cabinets as an option. Customizing the kitchen cabinets gives you a free hand in deploying your kitchen ideas to match aesthetical and functionality expectations. There are many benefits of having custom kitchen cabinets in your home. They can add value to your property, make your kitchen more functional, and enhance your home's overall look. It is hard to ignore ‌cabinetry when doing a kitchen renovation or remodeling because of its visual and functional prominence. Here are several reasons to customize your kitchen cabinets:

1. Utilize Oddly Shaped Spaces

If you have a tight space in your kitchen, custom cabinets can help. The cabinets will be cut into precise shapes and sizes to fit whatever space you have. Custom cabinets can fit small spaces while still having plenty of storage room. In addition, it increases ‌storage utility in your kitchen, giving you more space for stockpiling dry foods or holding more utensils. 

2. Show More Personality and Tastes     

Some people find that using pre-made kitchen cabinets makes their home look more generic and less personal. Having custom kitchen cabinets allows you to choose a style that matches your tastes and fits your personality. You have a free hand in choosing the cabinetry's design, shapes, and sizes. If you want to make a statement in the kitchen, having custom cabinetry is the perfect way to do it.  

3. Substitute Higher Quality Materials

Pre-made cabinets are often made from cheaper prefab wood and other materials. You can choose the wood and other materials that suit your needs with custom kitchen cabinets. For example, exotic hardwoods give a premium look while ensuring longevity. You can also choose the finish that you want. 

4. Improve Accessibility 

Custom kitchen cabinets can help make the kitchen more accessible for a person with mobility issues. They can place handles on the sides of cabinets to make them open. The cabinets themselves may be lower or wider to accommodate those with mobility issues. For example, lowering the cabinets to a sitting level makes the kitchen more functional for people in wheelchairs. 

5. Change to Fit Décor     

If you want to update your kitchen's décor, you should also update the cabinetry. Customizing the kitchen cabinets enables you to match your kitchen décor. You can paint or stain the cabinets in any color suitable for your home's style and décor. 

Would you like a revamped look in your kitchen? Talk to a contractor to explore custom kitchen cabinets options that meet your aesthetic and functional expectations.