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Contractors Keep Us Sheltered

Bathroom Remodeling: How To Create Your Dream Bathroom On A Budget

by Glenda Perkins

The bathroom is one of the most fundamental rooms in a house. Being the room that helps you stay well-groomed, it's hard to ignore it. That said, upgrading the room constantly is crucial. That said, a bathroom renovation can be a costly undertaking. For that reason, you should look for ways to control the costs. The first step towards achieving a less expensive bathroom remodel is to ditch the DIY idea and instead enlist the help of a professional bathroom remodeling contractor. In addition, the following tips will help you manage your project costs. 

Do Not Alter the Footprint  

Naturally, labor is a significantly costly expense in a construction project. Therefore, you should minimize labor intensity as much as possible during your bathroom remodeling project. An excellent way to achieve that is by avoiding restructuring the room's shape and size. Additionally, you should avoid altering electric wiring, fixture location, walls, and the foundation. Remember that changing these aspects will come at an additional labor cost.

Look For Alternative Ways to Spruce up the Walls

While tiles are attractive and easy to clean, they can be costly. So if you're working on a budget, minimize tile application on the bathroom walls. Install it in sections near the bathtub or shower instead of installing it in the entire room. You may paint the rest of the room with your preferred colors and wainscot it to make it pop out. Alternatively, acrylic panels and fiberglass can enhance your bathroom's sleekness. 

Don't Toss Out Reusable Fixtures

In addition to labor, material costs can consume a large percentage of your overall remodeling costs. As such, you'd benefit greatly by reusing the existing fixtures. Instead of tossing all of them away, refurbish fixtures that aren't excessively worn down. For instance, you can employ professional services to salvage your rusted bathtub. And rather than replacing your worn-out tile or fiberglass wall, it is better to patch the chipped sections. Moreover, you can accrue huge savings by refurbishing or repainting your cabinetry instead of installing new cabinet boxes. But your remodeling contractor might recommend changing old and ineffective fixtures. In that case, you can purchase second-hand items to save a few bucks.

Plan Adequately Before Starting

Failing to plan your bathroom remodeling project adequately sets you up for failure. Your costs could get out of control and break your budget. So planning is a fundamental aspect of the project. First, examine the room and determine which elements need changing. Furthermore, you should evaluate your wants and needs before commencing. Doing this lets, you understand the must-haves and items that augment the look.

The above guidelines will reduce the cost of your bathroom remodeling project significantly. Hire an experienced bathroom remodeling contractor for expert advice to address your individual needs.

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