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Contractors Keep Us Sheltered

Scanning Concrete Surfaces Before Cutting Through Them

by Glenda Perkins

Individuals will often think of pouring concrete when it comes to this type of work. However, it can also be necessary to cut or drill through the concrete surfaces. As part of the preparation work for this project, it will often be advisable to have the concrete surface scanned prior to starting this work.

Scanning Concrete Surfaces Can Reveal Materials And Objects That Are In Them

One of the most important reasons for having the concrete scanned is to determine whether or not there are items or other obstacles in the concrete. A common example of this could be electrical wiring or plumbing that is installed in the concrete. Cutting through the surface without being aware of these materials could lead to substantial damage occurring to critical systems in the building. A scan can easily reveal the location of these items so that the cutting work can avoid them. In addition to these critical systems, concrete may also have metal supports and other types of reinforcement. These materials can require specialized cutting tools, and knowing they are present ahead of time can aid with choosing the right equipment for this project.

Having Concrete Surfaces Scanned Will Not Require A Significant Amount Of Time

When it comes to a concrete project, time is often an extremely important consideration. However, scanning the concrete surfaces prior to cutting or drilling through them should not be a lengthy process that causes significant delays. In most cases, the area that is going to be cut could be scanned in as little as a few minutes. In contrast, accidentally hitting important components in the concrete could lead to significant delays as emergency repairs may be needed. In addition to taking longer, this could be a major expense that could cause you to exceed your budget. These factors make having the concrete scanned a simple and cost-effective preventative step.

Scanning Services May Be Able To Mark The Location Of The Items That They Find In The Concrete

To aid your workers, the concrete scanning service may be able to mark the areas on the surface of the concrete that will need to be avoided with the cutting equipment. This can be instrumental in allowing your workers to safely avoid these components so you can minimize the chances of your workers misinterpreting the results of the scan or misjudging the distances displayed in the scan. These markings can be made with removable markers or paints that can be easily scrubbed off the surface once the cutting work has been completed.

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