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Contractors Keep Us Sheltered

3 Common Problems With Commercial Garage Doors

by Glenda Perkins

Commercial garage doors play both a functional and protective role in your day-to-day operations.

In order to be sure that you can safely raise and lower your commercial door when needed, the door needs to be kept in good condition. Unfortunately, commercial garage doors can suffer from some problems that may compromise their function.

The more you know about common problems for commercial garage doors, the better prepared you will be to care for your own door in the future.

1. Bent or Broken Tracks

Your commercial garage door is guided by a set of metal tracks. It is imperative that these metal tracks remain in good condition if you want your door to open and close properly.

The metal tracks can be damaged by contact with a delivery truck or improper operation. In the event that your garage door tracks become bent or broken, you will need to contact an experienced technician to replace the damaged tracks with new ones.

If your damaged tracks aren't replaced, the door could become erratic and pose a serious safety risk to your employees.

2. Damaged Rollers

The rollers are responsible for guiding your commercial garage door along the metal tracks as it opens and closes. These rollers can become damaged over time.

A commercial garage door is raised and lowered multiple times throughout the day. This extensive use puts a lot of strain on the rollers, which could result in deterioration. Any dirt or debris that accumulates in the metal track can also cause physical damage to your garage door rollers.

If you feel that your garage door is sticking or operating slowly, have a technician repair the damaged rollers to restore proper movement.

3. Panel Damage

The face of your commercial garage door is probably made up of several individual panels that interlock together. It is pretty common for one of these panels to become bent or torn at some point.

Damage to the face panels can leave your garage door susceptible to corrosion. Panel damage also compromises the security of the door and makes it much easier for someone to gain unlawful access to your business.

A local garage door repair service such as Plano Overhead Garage Door will be able to remove the damaged panel and replace it with a new one.

Watch for damage to your commercial garage door. The sooner you have any issues repaired, the better your garage door will perform over time.